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CONFINEMENT, by Vida Verba Sebert: Suddenly the faces went away ... the confinement took with it the "Faces" of everyday life and all their emotions.

This unexpected emptiness reached us all, but for me it only reinforced the desire to find through drawing, these simple and authentic moments of sharing.

So with my sheets, colors, scraps of paper and my feathers, with doodles in solids and with collage in scraping, the workshop was animated.

And at the turn of spontaneous gestures, sometimes uncertain, often amused, or on the contrary by dint of insistent and sometimes painstaking research, the pleasure of finding pure expressions has resurfaced around me ... here it is a knowing look, a smile or a malicious wink, there is astonishment after fear, sometimes it is worry or even tearing ... but in the end it is always emotion that takes over.

Russian on her father's side and Iranian on her mother's, Vida Verba first studied architecture in Paris in 1985, and later dedicated her entire time to painting. She currently lives in Martinique.

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