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Azadeh Yavari

Marked by tragic periods of her country; war and revolution, Azadeh Yavari imagines a different space and time in her artistic work. Colors and objects change, their perspectives evolve: the borders between the inside and the outside, the shadow and the light, the agitated day and the calm night, the manifest and the hidden fade. However, it keeps lines, thresholds, fabrics, curtains more or less light, in order to distinguish, and, especially, to protect; to veil and repress reality in the country where the veil is imposed. "A quest for peace and serenity against violence and social pressure".

She won a first prize at the first Biennale of Painting, Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran in 1991.

Azadeh Yavari, an Iranian painter, graduated in drawing and painting from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris in 1980.

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