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Ann Loubert

Ann Loubert's work is in direct contact with reality: portraits, landscapes, scenes of life, flowers… She draws and paints with the subject under her eyes, without going through the medium of photography. His approach is twofold: the nomadic practice of drawing, assiduous, daily, allows him to glean images, moments of life, through quick and instantaneous sketches; the practice of the workshop, necessarily sedentary, offers another temporality. This work on the motif gives a figurative but allusive painting, practicing the ellipse, the suggestion, the search for clean lines.

The techniques and the materials are chosen for their fluidity - watercolors, inks without thickness… - and allow to grasp a moving reality, sometimes fleeting.

Ann Loubert, born in 1978, is a Franco-Swiss painter and designer. She studied painting at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. Since 2006, she has carried out a number of residencies which have nourished her approach: Poznań, Berlin, Beijing, Tainan. His painting is present at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of the City of Strasbourg, as well as at the Museum of Art and History of Neuchâtel.

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