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Pierre Colin

Pierre Colin

After graduating from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, Pierre Colin has enriched his work with different artistic and plastic approaches. He explores new territories and offers an original pictorial approach. The integration of dry pastel, acrylic, black chalk, and different collages, such as gold or silver leaves, sand, china paper or old papers, offers us places, spaces where skies, lands, mountains, mingle, answer each other, contradict each other, creating movements and questions. The result is colors that seem to come out of the bowels of our planet to better confront or even blend with the lights falling from the heavens. The volumes seem to move and emerge from a single, matrix knot.

Looking at a work by Pierre Colin leads to projecting oneself towards an infinite elsewhere. It brings together the emotions and senses that are inseparable from a form of personal research. A questioning work inducing an inevitable movement.

Text by C. Sportis.

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