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Vida Verba - Sebert

The portraits of "Containment" by Vida Verba-Sebert make us reflect on the face, an involuntary collateral victim of the Covid-19 pandemic. Seat of possible contaminations, she has chosen to hide it, to wear visors or glasses, or both, reducing communication between people, limiting exchanges, erasing nuances, eliminating possible connivance or contradictions, oppositions, misunderstandings. The artist then passes briskly or gravely as the case may be, over this obstacle and proposes 55 faces, which are the reflection of the soul of their owners as she imagines it and winks at the card game of Marseille / surrealist games created by André Breton and his friends.

Face reflection of the soul, carrier of noble or vile feelings, generous or selfish in the face of doubt or hilarity, focused on knowledge or even carrier of optimism.

Born in Paris of a Russian father and an Iranian mother, Vida Verba-Sebert lives in Martinique. Her inspiration is a subtle blend of Iranian impregnation, Russia told by her grandmother, France where she studied architecture and Martinique where she has lived for almost 20 years. It is the richness of these differences, the diversity of cultures and his sensitivity to the world around him that feeds his desire to paint. His imagination is filled with beings living in a parallel world where the derisory, the insignificant and the anecdotal become valves to the often heavy reality.

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