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Fata Kazemi

Fata Kazemi's art is classic and its style figurative, but it is the inner perception of the subject and its treatment that creates its uniqueness, and that makes his work unique. At first glance, the animals are realistic. But above all, Fata Kazemi personifies the beasts. She animates them with an almost human meditation.

The rarely smooth surfaces are the imprint of the movement of the artist's hand, and the raw technique gives an organic and at the same time mineral spectacle. We are faced with contemplative beings who evoke both the familiar and the mysterious.

Fata Kazemi - Moezzi was introduced to painting very early on, and more particularly to the art of portraiture, with his father, Hossein Kazemi, one of the greatest painters of contemporary Iran. However, it is the sculpture that is obvious to her. Trained in Parisian workshops run by professors from the École des Beaux-Arts, she chose her favorite field: animal keeping.

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